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Maximum connectivity is crucial

A modern home automation system that is also intelligent stands or falls with optimal connectivity. So a well-developed network is an important lifeline at your home.

Find out how we maximise your connectivity

Ensuring connectivity? Count on us!

Today, we are connected to the global web throughout the day in many different ways. Control many things in the home remotely using an app. To maximise those features, your network needs to be sufficiently strong and always reliable. At ELUXO, we take everything into account and assure you of a network that is always functioning, with guaranteed connectivity. Because only then can you be sure of sufficient network capacity to keep your internal home automation system, cameras, videocalls and streaming audio and video working properly.

Connectivity and internet security

Those who choose to have a performance network installed today obviously do not want to start from scratch every year. That's why we take a long-term look at your connectivity. Thanks to this vision, we build a network that, provided the necessary security updates many years later, is still safe and reliable. That way, you know you can rely on your home automation system at any time. Today, tomorrow and the day after.

Connectivity makes for smart living

Smart homes are on the agenda today more than ever. All applications in the home are connected in one way or another, creating a smart home in which you enjoy maximum convenience every day. To make that smart living a reality, guaranteed connectivity through a strong network is an absolute requirement. Want to enjoy a sophisticated lighting programme  that ensures the right spaces are lit at the right time? Or do you want to be able to rely on a fully functioning indoor climate  that you can set for each room at any time? Then it is precisely maximum connectivity that gives these applications the final added value.

Would you like to know more about the options we have to ensure long-term connectivity in and around your home? Give us a call  and we will be happy to give you more information.